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Giselle Gaylie
Giselle Gaylie

Hello! My name is Giselle Gaylie. I am excited to showcase my store, AngelBlessings.ca! It was lovingly built to help inspire others with unique personal designs that uplift and caress our souls. Awesome products to enhance our day, which are great looking, comfortable, and wonderfully practical.

With each product sold, a percentage of the sale will go to the association of cerebral palsy. They do so much good work to help those, who live with cerebral palsy enjoy better lives.

At ten months of age, I, too, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This diagnosis does not define me; however, it does empower me – to be more, and to do more, with help from my family and friends.

It’s really exciting to be an entrepreneur. Moreover, it’s an honour to inspire others. I am blessed to also present at schools, events and organizations. I love being a Motivational Public Speaker, www.GiselleGaylie.ca. The work, I do, inspires my designs and store. I hope you enjoy shopping here. Together, we’re helping to make the world a little brighter.

Thank You for shopping here today! We are constantly working on new designs, so please come back often, and drop me a note, I would love to hear from you. 🙂 God Bless You! With love always, Giselle.

Why Purchase from AngelBlessings.ca?

“… Let me count the ways.”

  1. Unique inspirational designs on awesome products.
  2. Some of our products are eco-friendly
  3. Free Worldwide Shipping
  4. Each sale helps to support the Cerebral Palsy Association
  5. I, too, have cerebral palsy; therefore, funds will help to support my life.

My disability of cerebral palsy quadriplegia affects my life a great deal.

I require one on one support to live my life, because I lack both gross and fine motor skills.

I wear hearing aids because I am bilaterally hearing impaired.

I use augmentative communication to speak because I am also non-verbal.

My challenges, although many, do not limit me. With the love and support from others, with specialized equipment, there is nothing I cannot do.

Like each one of us, I was born …

  • to live my life to the fullest.
  • to be an active member of society.
  • to be included in all aspects of life.
  • to share my gifts with others.
  • to inspire.
  • to love.
  • to give.

God loves each one of us equally. He made each one of us for a reason. God does not make mistakes!

The designs, I help create with my family at AngelBlessings.ca, truly inspire me. For this reason, I feel honoured to share these on the awesome products I sell on my online store.

When you make a purchase from AngelBlessings.ca, you are buying an inspired design on a quality product. Their purpose is to inspire each one of us to new heights of being our best self.  

I hope you love your new purchase from AngelBlessings.ca today! May your purchase keep you fully inspired, motivated, joyful, and wholeheartedly peaceful because in helping yourself, you help to make an important difference to those who live with cerebral palsy everyday.

With each purchase, I hope you appreciate the positive difference you are making to those living with cerebral palsy. God Bless You Always.

With love always,

Giselle Gaylie.