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Here I Am Lord

Here I Am Lord Unisex long Sleeve Tee

Here I Am Lord

As I live my life to the fullest every day, I thank God for every blessing in my life. In my prayers, in my heart, and in song, I respectfully declare to God, “Here I Am Lord.” … ‘Let Thy will be done.’

I know my life is a gift from you, and I treasure it. I know that everyone in my life is a gift from you, and I treasure them. ‘Here I Am Lord’, I exclaim from my heart, as I trust in You.

Heartfelt words echoed in history; These words remind me, that I am here to help others, to serve others, to make other peoples’ lives brighter and more joyful, when I can. Thus, the heartfelt inspiration for this design, “Here I Am Lord” to give You glory in all, I do.

For all my product videos, I use Luc Gaylie’s music with permission.
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