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Make Me a Channel Of Your Peace

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace Throw Blanket

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Alone, we can do so little.  Together, we can do so much.   It reminds me of a song my brother, Luc, created.  If you like to hear it, please give it a listen here:  : “Community by Luc Gaylie”

We are far greater people when we do good for others. When we reach out from our souls to others, we have an opportunity to strengthen them in positive uplifting ways. ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’ is a prayer, and a reminder.

To ‘Give’ of ourselves in the service to others.

To ‘Give’ to those in need when we can.

To ‘Pardon’, even when it is most difficult.

To ‘Love’ others, as God loves us.

To have ‘Faith’ and to be an ambassador of ‘Faith’, in all I do.

To have ‘Hope’ and to offer ‘Hope’ generously, because God makes all good things possible.

To have and to give ‘Joy’ because God made us, and He does not make mistakes.

Although St. Francis said it best, my sentiments are echoed in my design; thus, my sincere inspiration: ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’. To give and to share: Love, Faith, Hope, Joy, Give and Pardon, is a beautiful part of who we can be.  I pray for this every day. 

Dear God, I pray, ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’ … Amen.

For all my product videos, I use Luc Gaylie’s music with permission.

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