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The Joy is in Me!

Joy is in Me Flowers Kids Crew Neck T-shirt

Joy is in Me!

Like the children song goes, “I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart … down in my heart to stay.”

Joy is truly in each one of us. We can harness our joy, whenever we want.

We cannot control the outside world; however, we can control the authentic joy that stems from our hearts and emanates outward through a genuine smile, laughter, friendly companionship, and inner peace.

My joy is in me. Like the song proclaims, “… It’s down in my heart to stay!”

The Holy Bible says, ” … for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10, (Neh. 8:10). Since God gave us life, He gave us love, He gave us joy! The joy we seek in our lives is already in us forever. The Joy of the Lord is in me!

There is no doubt, we all have our own personal challenges; however, let’s harness the power of our joy to strengthen us in our journey. In so doing, not only do we empower ourselves, but we empower others to do the same.

Joy is in me! And the joy is in you! Thus, the inspiration for my designs. I hope you love them!

Listen to the children song here:

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What are Angels?

Giselle Gaylie on October 31, 2014

What are Angels? Are They Truly Amongst Us?

Angels are divine spiritual beings, we cannot see; however, they bless our lives in countless ways.

For fun, as seen in the image above, I dressed up as an angel for Halloween back in 2014. I love Angels!

When I pray, I thank Jesus, who is the Truth, The Way, and the Life; I thank the Blessed Mother Mary, whose constant intercession, I rely upon for help. I also thank all the Angels and Saints, who watch over us, protect us, and pray for us.

Yes, I thank the Angels. Although unseen, they are all around us. Their angelic work blesses our lives, in ways we may not notice or appreciate. Thus, Angel Blessings are simply divinely awesome wonderful beings.

There are so many expressions we say to one another about angels:

“You’re an angel!”

“He / She is angelic.”

When a friend is in need, ‘We are always, “An angel on call” for a friend.’

Although Angels are divine beings, it’s in us, to be good, to be kind and to be helpful. “After all, we are angels in training; all we have to do is spread our wings and fly.”

I’ve had exceptional people, touch my life in profound extraordinary ways. I call them angels. They have blessed my life; thus, Angel Blessings.

Despite my many challenges, I, too, want to help make a positive difference in this world in my career, as a public speaker: and with my online store, . Yes, it’s true, I do need a lot of help to live my life, and to do all the things I do; but I’m truly the lucky one, I’m surrounded by Angels.

This song below, “Angels Among Us” by the band Alabama really resonates with me. It is so beautiful, and it relates to my own life too. Please, do listen to this heartfelt song, and let me know what you think about angels.
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Dream Big Go Far

Dream Big Go Far Reach For The Stars Throw Blanket
Dream Big Go Far Reach For The Stars Throw Blanket

Dream Big Go Far

Dream Big!

Dream Big! Yes, we all need to dream big.

It incentivizes us, when we dream big, to keep going. Dream Big Go Far!

Those, who achieve greatness, had great big dreams for themselves.

Why can’t you?  Why can’t I?

We are limited by the thoughts; we have of ourselves. So, I choose, regardless of my many personal challenges, to dream big. Why not?

No person is an island.  I, more than anyone, need help to achieve my big dreams.

Does the fact I need help to achieve my big dreams, discount them? Certainly, not!

We can all, “… think big, go far, reach for the stars, you never know how lucky you are!”

It’s from a song my brother created. It’s on YouTube.  It’s very inspirational. Have a listen here:

I truly believe, we each have a right to have big dreams for ourselves. We can’t allow others to extinguish them. We need to believe in the beauty of our dreams, our big dreams, our colourful dreams.  Our dreams are all different, thus, I depict this with a rainbow in my design. When we work hard on our dreams, and opportunity shows its wondrous face, this is lucky! Thus, the shamrock in my design. With our big dreams in sight, we can certainly go far, reach for the stars, you never know how lucky you are. With God, all is possible. He makes all good things happen.

So, like Luc sings, in his catchy song, “… think big, go far, reach for the stars, you never know how lucky you are!”


Dream Big Go Far Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Dream Big Go Far Stainless Steel Water Bottle
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Seize the Day! Carpe Diem!

Seize the Day Carpe Diem Inspirational Throw Blanket Red

Seize the Day! Carpe Diem!

Every New Year, I create new resolutions, new goals for myself.  I’m sure, we all do to some extent.

I resolve to make today, and everyday the most important day there is. I am resolute to be proactive for myself and to move forward in some positive way.

I choose not to wait until tomorrow, because today is all there is right now.

Today, I need to take action to make my life better, and if I am able, to make the life of someone else’s better too.

I will focus my energy on making today a great day.

Like I normally do, I will focus on the positive. For example, I don’t focus on the fact I need help to live my life every day; instead, I focus on how grateful I am to have my family and friends, who love me unconditionally and support me wholeheartedly.

I will focus on strengthening my muscles.

I will focus on improving my writing skills

I will lend a hand at home, to accomplish various tasks: cooking, picking up the mail at the mailbox down the street.

I will generously and freely share a smile, because it’s in me to give.

I will continue to work on my websites, my e-commerce site, and my opportunities to do more public speaking engagements.

I will do what it takes today to Seize the Day, Carpe Diem!

I challenge YOU to have this “New Day, Every Day” mindset, to take positive action to make your life, and the life of another person better today. It does not matter what happened yesterday. Today is all you got. Seize the Day, Carpe Diem!

Please share in the comments, how you seized the day today.

This new design says it all. I hope it inspires you to always, Seize the Day, Carpe Diem!

Here are some designed items:

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God is Love, 1 John 4:16

God is love baby short sleeve one piece

God is Love

1 John 4:16 states, “God is love.” And God, Our Father, created us all from His Love for us. Thus, the inspiration for my design.

When we reflect upon this, it does not matter, what kind of day we are having. We all experience good and bad days.  God’s love grounds us; and our hearts our fueled by His never-ending love for us regardless of the day, we may be experiencing.

Throughout my life, there have been people, who have rejected me for various reasons; however, God never rejects me because He loves me unconditionally, “God is Love.”

God is my rock. My parents, family and friends love me, and I love them back wholeheartedly. Through them, I experience love firsthand.  It’s the best feeling on earth to be loved. Therefore, we all crave it from our family and friends.  In fact, I would say, “We need it.”

We need love because “God is love”. We know love because “… He first loved us.” We need God in our lives, as He fuels us with His love, that energizes our day, week, month, year, our entire lives, and ultimately our relationships with one another. 

We could never leave home with a vehicle that has an empty fuel tank; so how can we even live our lives if we don’t have God’s love running through our veins.  His love is that essential to being fully equipped for our day. God’s love for us is unstoppable, and it energizes me every day.

I feel love because I experience love from all those near and dear. So, no matter, how people may react to me, I do not let it adversely affect me because, at the end of the day, “God is love.” God loves me so much, just the way I am. I know I am important because “God is love.” He made me for a reason, and He does not make mistakes.
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Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing Angel Blessings

Pray Without Ceasing

To be thankful for my life, is one way, I ‘pray without ceasing’ 1 Thesalonians 5:17. 

I, for one, am thankful for everyone and everything, honestly and truly, all day long. There is so much to be thankful for in our lives. Thus, my inspiration for my design.

For one, everyday is a gift.  The people, with whom we share our day, are God’s gift to us.  I treasure them all wholeheartedly. To pray without ceasing, I simply have a grateful heart in all I do. God listens to my innermost thoughts all the time. His good works envelop my life. I see it in action everyday.

I do have formal times when I pray too, like each night before I go to sleep. I pray for all those people, who touch my life in some way.

In these times, and always, prayer is always needed. God is always listening. Praying nurtures hope, like nothing else can. Thus, Pray Without Ceasing.

Although there is a lot of bad in this world, I live a God focused life.

Have good thoughts about others in your heart and dispel all the bad ones. To me, this is a form of prayer. Be wholeheartedly thankful for all the good in your life because God makes it happen. Thus, I Pray Without Ceasing.
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With God All Is Possible, Matthew 19:26

With God All Is Possible Premium Mug

With God All is Possible, Matthew 19:26

Truer words never spoken.  Each day, I am inspired to persevere in all I do because ‘With God, All is Possible.’

In living my life, I know with certainty that I am not supposed to do everything alone or independently. This does not discount my life in anyway.  It does the opposite.  It makes me feel important because God made me, and He does not make mistakes.

My life has many challenges; however, I am truly blessed to have so much love and support from family friends, and people like you, who are genuinely interested in others.

I rely on others throughout my day.  My cerebral palsy quadriplegia limits me; this, however, does not stop me. Like I said, with support, I can do just about anything. 

I am thankful all the time because of all the support I receive. It allows me to live a very normal life. ‘With God All is Possible.’

The truth is, we must keep believing in the beauty of our dreams, because God loves us wholeheartedly.  We must keep working hard in all we do because we are never alone. ‘With God All Is Possible.”

I am here to do my best to help and inspire others in all I do.  I am so happy to share my designs on my products with you, which I do hope you like too. Moreover, I love public speaking. I embrace every opportunity, I get. To make a positive difference in the life of others is a God given gift, and I am thankful for it.

Unequivocally, we are all capable of so much. With help and support, which we all need to embrace from time to time, and when required, because God makes all good things happen: ‘With God All Is Possible, Matthew 19:26.”
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Here I Am Lord

Here I Am Lord Unisex long Sleeve Tee

Here I Am Lord

As I live my life to the fullest every day, I thank God for every blessing in my life. In my prayers, in my heart, and in song, I respectfully declare to God, “Here I Am Lord.” … ‘Let Thy will be done.’

I know my life is a gift from you, and I treasure it. I know that everyone in my life is a gift from you, and I treasure them. ‘Here I Am Lord’, I exclaim from my heart, as I trust in You.

Heartfelt words echoed in history; These words remind me, that I am here to help others, to serve others, to make other peoples’ lives brighter and more joyful, when I can. Thus, the heartfelt inspiration for this design, “Here I Am Lord” to give You glory in all, I do.
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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Throw Blanket

Amazing Grace

Although challenges in our lives may be many, somehow, we get through them, don’t we?

It is God’s Amazing Grace that envelops, strengthens, and empowers us every day.

As someone, who faces, incredible obstacles, it is God’s Grace that fuels my soul to always live life to the fullest every day.

God’s ‘Amazing Grace’ truly abounds, and we respect it, love it, cherish it and find so much love and peace in it.

There is certainly a calm, that is felt, in just uttering these words: Amazing Grace. Although these words are rich in their own history; to me, they represent God’s Amazing Grace that anchors us, through every storm, and further strengthens us.

Thus, the inspiration for my design because there is no question, God’s ‘Amazing Grace’ is truly bountiful in our lives; we just need to pause, to reflect, and to be wholeheartedly be thankful for it.
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Make Me a Channel Of Your Peace

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace Throw Blanket

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Alone, we can do so little.  Together, we can do so much.   It reminds me of a song my brother, Luc, created.  If you like to hear it, please give it a listen here:  : “Community by Luc Gaylie”

We are far greater people when we do good for others. When we reach out from our souls to others, we have an opportunity to strengthen them in positive uplifting ways. ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’ is a prayer, and a reminder.

To ‘Give’ of ourselves in the service to others.

To ‘Give’ to those in need when we can.

To ‘Pardon’, even when it is most difficult.

To ‘Love’ others, as God loves us.

To have ‘Faith’ and to be an ambassador of ‘Faith’, in all I do.

To have ‘Hope’ and to offer ‘Hope’ generously, because God makes all good things possible.

To have and to give ‘Joy’ because God made us, and He does not make mistakes.

Although St. Francis said it best, my sentiments are echoed in my design; thus, my sincere inspiration: ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’. To give and to share: Love, Faith, Hope, Joy, Give and Pardon, is a beautiful part of who we can be.  I pray for this every day. 

Dear God, I pray, ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’ … Amen.